What you need to know about the K-Pan new features

For those who are not in the photograph and stuff, you probably have no ideas what the heck is K-Pan about, and that’s why you are here, curiosity, as I am. So, be my guest, and read the rest of it.

  • The K-Pan is a 3D-printed camera that utilizations 120mm medium-format film to catch panoramic photographs.
  • Planned and designed by photographer Paul Kohlhaussen who’s based in London.
  • Kickstarter comes with completely assembled releases and DIY kits.
  • The developer team intends to update by sharing 3D printing data and enabling clients to print their own expandable accessories.
  • Offering a comprehensive film surface for improved photo quality, and shoots five 6 x 15-centimeter frames on every roll.
  • The whole camera measures fewer than 9 inches wide and weighs about 12 ounces.
  • The camera handles a 1/4-20 thread tripod mount.
  • The campaign proceeding through October 25, nearing their goal to reach $53,000.
  •  K-Pan standard kit starting at $364, and $891 for a completely finished and assembled camera.

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