Fire consumes a 6 bedroom apartment in Kumasi

Fire ApartmentFire service personnel attempt to douse the flames

Fire outbreak has consumed a six bedroom house in the Pankrano estate in Kumasi on the early hours of today destroying properties worth a billion Ghana cedis.

Speaking to the press, the tenants in the house have stated that the fire was started by two children who were playing with matches in their father’s room around 6am, which caught fire consuming the properties in the house from one room to the other.

The tenants further pointed accusing fingers on the Fire service personnel who could not make it to the scene in time saying have they responded in time, the house could have been saved from burning.

“The fire started around 6am today and we called fire service but they refused to respond to our calls. We did our best to control the fire but the situation got out of hands. The fire service arrived 8am but all our properties have been destroyed,” they lamented.

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