Data of over 220,000 organ donors pledgers leaked online – Tech News

The personal details of over 220,000 organ donors pledgers in Malaysia has been leaked online. As disclosed by online forum and technology news site, the leaked data contains MyKad numbers, home addresses, telephone numbers of not just the pledgers but that of their next of kin as well.

The source of the information isn’t revealed but the website states that the leaked file contains data updated to Aug 31 2016 and that the leak possibly happened as early as September that year.

It also claims that the leaked information has sign up details from government hospitals as well as National Transplant Resource Centres across Malaysia, possibly dismissing as the source of the breach.

Screenshots posted on the website show that the data dump is sectioned according to the year of sign up, from 1997 until 2016. It also shares that while the data from 1997 to 2008 are filled with useless auto generated dummy data, while the data from January 2009 up to August 2016 have the complete details of 220,394 pledgers and their nominated next of kin.

The website also posted a screenshot, supposedly a demographic data of the pledgers listed according to sex, race, state of origin, types of organs and age.






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