Assembly voting on manner in which referendums are held

The members of the Citizens Assembly will reconvene in the Grand Hotel in Malahide in County Dublin this morning to agree and then vote on a number of recommendations on the holding of referendums.  

When the Citizen’s Assembly was set up it was charged with examining five issues and the manner in which referendums are held is the fourth.

This morning members of the Assembly will work to agree and finalise the wording of a number of ballots based on expert views on referendums and referendum campaigns they heard yesterday, their own round table discussions and more than 200 submissions received from the public and interested groups.

Voting on the ballots will take place at lunchtime and counting will begin immediately.

The results should be known by 3.30pm and ballots that are passed will then go to the Oireachtas for further consideration at a later date.

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